On the way on the Hochschwab | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm | ETZ Projekt Hiking & Biking SI-AT On the way on the Hochschwab | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm | ETZ Projekt Hiking & Biking SI-AT
Sport makes you happy


Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing. To ensure our Green Heart does not get out of rhythm, Steiermark not only offers excellent healthcare, but also countless activities to strengthen your physical and mental health.

The Green Heart of Austria - a true paradise for sports enthusiasts! From skiing in Schladming to hiking between the Dachstein and Weinland and cycling or swimming, the Green Heart offers a variety of sporting activities in the midst of nature. But there are plenty of indoor options too, with numerous bouldering and tennis halls, squash centres and yoga studios.

Less action-packed but just as beneficial for body and soul, thermal spas are known for their healing water. In addition to various health resorts and rehabilitation centres, there are also an excellent range of doctors, hospitals and health centres at their disposal. Find out what else Steiermark has to offer to promote, strengthen and maintain physical and mental health below.


  • Whether high up on the Dachstein Glacier in the north or leisurely through the vineyards in the south – with thousands of hiking routes and mountain tours to choose from, Steiermark has options for every fitness level.
  • From the popular Mur Cycle Path to the Styrian Wine Country cycle tour that leads through all three wine-growing regions to the Schilcher Tour, Steiermark offers a wide variety of cycle and bike tours. Whether mountain, road or gravel bike – there are around 2,400 kilometers of official cycle paths and 33 themed cycle paths with a total length of 1,100 kilometers throughout the province. There are also about 1,350 kilometers of mountain bike routes, 36 trails in bike parks and 16 trails outside of these parks.
  • Winter sports can be practiced in more than 60 ski areas with over 700 kilometers of slopes in Steiermark. In addition to skiing, snowboarding and ski touring, here you`ll find also around 15 cross-country skiing areas which have been awarded the Cross-Country Ski Trail Seal of Quality and 33 toboggan runs to enjoy. Some of these ski and cross-country skiing areas and toboggan runs are illuminated in the evening to ensure winter fun even after work.
  • In addition to more than 30 outdoor pools, there are over 60 bathing lakes that invite you to paddle, take a refreshing swim or even an ice bath.
  • A total of 27 golf courses are waiting to be played on.
  • The Green Heart of Austria currently boasts around 15 high ropes courses and climbing parks, 14 bouldering halls, eight climbing areas and over 50 via ferratas. The most famous areas in the Alps include the Dachstein massif and the Gesäuse which is also known as the "University of Mountaineering".
  • Rafting, kayaking or canyoning – the water sports offers in the Gesäuse are among the most popular in Europe.
  • From American football to decathlons: with its countless sports clubs and facilities, the Green Heart offers a wide range of activities for young and old. Around 720 clubs are listed with the Sportunion Steiermark, 736 with the ASKÖ Steiermark and 836 clubs with the ASVÖ Steiermark. They not only provide an excellent sporting environment, but also opportunities to make social contacts.
  • And Sportpark Graz is a meeting place for around 25 different sports on 3,718 square kilometers.


Healthcare facilities are better in Austria than anywhere else in the world. No other European country can boast such comprehensive medical care as the Alpine Republic. On average, there are around 525 general practitioners for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Every second counts: the emergency services, with its more than 37,000 volunteers, needs an average of eight to 15 minutes to get to the scene. Seamless help is is also guaranteed in rural and remote areas.

With its well-established network (municipalities, sports clubs, educational institutions etc.), the "Bewegungsland Steiermark" initiative promotes long-term, sustainable and successful collaboration in the field of physical activity and aims to improve access to more exercise through sports clubs.

„From a young age all I could think about was becoming a ski racer. The 1982 World Championships in Schladming were the decisive point.“
Former ski star and TV-entertainer Hans Knauß

TOP HEALTHCARE IN the Green Heart of Austria

Patients are in good hands: Ten state hospitals and four state care centres run by the Styrian Hospital Corporation - KAGES, one of the largest hospital companies in Europe - are available for emergencies. In addition, around 6,500 doctors and a further 15,000 people within the non-medical health sector look after the physical well-being of the population. This means that Austria has the highest density of doctors in Europe.

This infrastructure has a positive effect on the quality of life. 71.7 percent of people living in the province rate their health as (very) good, which is partly due to the excellent coverage through pharmacies (around 210 in total) as well as specialised care services and facilities such as old people's homes and rehabilitation centres.


Nine thermal baths invite you to relax and enjoy a spot of wellness in Steiermark. There are also countless spa centres, wellness hotels and health resorts.

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The Green Heart of Austria is not only known for climatic health resorts such as Aussee, Fischbach or Grundlsee, but also for medicinal, thermal and mineral water springs.

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More than 4,300 organic farms supply regional direct marketers with fresh and seasonal produce from Steiermark.

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The Green Heart of Austria is an active province. According to an Austria-wide survey on the frequency of physical activity, the proportion of people who exercised five or more times a week was highest in Steiermark. For this reason, more and more sporting events have been established in the Green Heart of Austria over the past few decades in order to celebrate the joy of exercise together.

Events range from competitions that you can join in with to international ski races such as the Nightrace in Schladming or Formula 1 races at the Red Bull Ring, which attract tens of thousands of visitors to Steiermark every year.


Summer season is racing season: the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg is not just the venue for Formula 1 races, but also for other well-known sporting events such as the Moto GP.

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From the "Erzberg Dirtrun" to the "Grazathlon", "Ladiesrun", "Drei-Gipfel-Lauf" and "Businesslauf" – the Green Heart of Austria hosts a number of marathons and spectacular hurdle races.

Dirtrun Erzberg | © VA Erzberg
Erzberg Dirtrun


The Nightrace on the Planai is a regular fixture in the Austrian event calendar. Another reoccurring highlight: the Ski Flying World Championships on the Kulm.

The Nightrace Schladming | © Gerhard Pilz
Nightrace Planai

The best sport events in the course of the year



Thomas Muster has won a total of 44 ATP tournaments, including the French Open in Paris. As a former world number one tennis player, he has never forgotten his roots and has settled near the impressive Eggenberg Palace. He shares his greatest moments and deep connection to his Steiermark with us in an interview. (interview in german) 

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Strength-giving forests, breathtaking via ferratas, unique hiking tours, winter mountain retreats or health resorts and thermal spas where you can switch off – the Green Heart of Austria promises all of this and much more.

Meetings outdoors | © Steiermark Tourismus | Martina Haselwander


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