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An intact environment, safety, affordable housing and living, sound employment opportunities and a good work-life balance make Steiermark a particularly great place to live. So it's no wonder that the Green Heart of Austria sees an increase in population year after year.

Here to stay: Steiermark is not only the most popular holiday destination for Austrians, but is also known far beyond the borders as an attractive travel destination, which is why more and more people are deciding to settle in the Green Heart of Austria.

And yet Steiermark does not just impress with its beautiful landscapes, unique culture and leisure opportunities and fantastic cuisine, but also with excellent working conditions, a well-developed infrastructure, high-grade education and top healthcare facilities. Thanks to its central location in the heart of Europe, you can reach international capitals such as Vienna, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Budapest quickly and easily from Steiermark. The Adriatic Sea is just a few hours away too.

Factors like the above make Steiermark an ideal centre of life for families, students or job seekers from home and abroad – true to the motto: everything you know. Only better.


  • Austria’s second largest province is divided into 13 political districts, 15 judicial districts and 11 holiday regions.
  • It's not without reason that Steiermark is called the "Green Heart of Austria". A little more than 61 percent of the 16,399 square kilometer large province is covered by forest. The permanent settlement area amounts to 31.9 percent and the arable land covers 1,256 square kilometers (57 percent of which is used for grain cultivation).
  • Steiermark has a total of 286 municipalities, the smallest of which is Hohentauern with just over 380 residents. 
  • Covering an area of ​​127.6 square kilometers, Graz is Austria’s second largest city and has almost 300,000 main residences. If you include secondary residences, around 336,000 people currently live in Graz with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Old Town and Eggenberg Palace.
  • At 2,995 meters above sea level, the Hoher Dachstein is Steiermark’s highest peak. There are a total of 788 peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level.
  • The Mur, accompanied by the Mur Cycle Path which is well-known among cyclists, is the longest river in the province, stretching 300.6 kilometers through the Green Heart of Austria. Lake Grundlsee in the Ausseerland Salzkammergut is the largest lake at 4.14 square kilometers.
  • The quality of the waters is excellent and ranks second behind Cyprus in European comparison. Around 97 percent of all of Austria’s flowing waters and bathing lakes are of excellent quality.


An impressive 5,838 meters of difference in altitude lie between the highest point on the Dachstein (2,995 meters) and the lowest which is the Vulkania healing spring (2,843 meters) in Rogner Bad Blumau.

Together we are strong: hardly any other province places such emphasis on associations and clubs as Steiermark. From winegrowers' associations to the volunteer fire brigade and theatre association – there is a huge choice.

More than 1.27 million people already call the Green Heart of Austria their home. This figure is expected to increase to around 1.36 million by the year 2100.

„Steiermark is a treasure trove in itself – there is always something new to discover.“
Fashion designer Eva Poleschinski


In a recent survey, around 97 percent of those questioned stated that they like living in Steiermark. The reasons for this are obvious. Here are just some of the factors that characterise life in Steiermark :

  • Steiermark is the cheapest place to live in Austria – regardless of whether you rent or buy.
  • The Green Heart of Austria is one of the safest places in the world. In the Global Peace Index, Austria regularly ranks among the top 5 safest, most stable and conflict-free countries in the world.
  • From Graz to anywhere in the world: in addition to numerous direct flights such as to Hamburg, Hurghada or Mallorca, you can also fly to the most important international hubs in Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin or Amsterdam from Graz Airport.
  • Around 46 percent are active in local clubs, institutions, private organisations or neighbourhood help groups on a voluntary basis.
  • Every child receives a confirmed and free place at a public school in Steiermark.
  • Public transport is continuously being expanded to protect the environment. The ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) operates the most important train connections (S-Bahn and RegioBahn) with an average punctuality rate of 97 percent.
  • Regionally produced and cultivated products play a major role in Steiermark. Around 30,000 agricultural and forestry enterprises supply the country and overseas with valuable food and raw materials.
  • Steiermark is also home to international fashion houses, various weekly markets and shopping centres. And you will find Austria’s oldest department store in Graz, "Kastner & Öhler".


The real estate price index 2023 shows that the rental market in Steiermark is very affordable compared to other European countries. You pay an average of 7.09 euros per square metre here.

Average property prices


Whether by bus, train or tram – you can reach your destination quickly and reliably without a car, for example with the Climate Ticket. 

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The Green Heart of Austria is home to a UNESCO biosphere reserve, a national park, seven nature parks and currently 133 nature reserves including the Grüner See, Raabklamm - Austria’s longest gorge - and Lake Altaussee.

Treasures of nature


Helmut Marko – lawyer, former racing driver and hotelier – is currently on everyone's lips, especially as head of the Red Bull Formula 1 racing team. We paid him a visit in his hotel at the foot of the Schlossberg in Graz. Appropriately positioned in front of an original Red Bull racing car, we spoke to Helmut about his relationship with his home of Steiermark. For info: the interview is in german language.

Arriving & Living


How do you get from A to B in Steiermark? How are the property prices developing in each region?
And what about broadband coverage across the province? The following links provide answers to the most important questions about living in the Green Heart of Austria.

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