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    The Green Heart of education


    Planning for the future: pave the way for your professional career with goal-oriented training and further education. From a degree in architecture or dentistry to an apprenticeship in application development or carpentry – the Green Heart offers a wealth of possibilities.

    With five universities, two technical colleges and two teacher training colleges, Steiermark covers a wide range of courses. Around 63,000 students attend one of these higher education institutions. The Green Heart of Austria also offers dual training opportunities in which economic enterprises and vocational schools work closely together. Here the focus is on practical work and highly trained specialists.


    When you think about studying in Steiermark the first place that comes to mind is the provincial capital of Graz. It is the classic student city with its young vibe, wide range of cultural activities and lively nightlife. As a mining city, Leoben offers a more personal environment on a smaller scale whilst Kapfenberg lies in the heart of the industrial activity for students.

    Spa town Bad Gleichenberg is a wonderful place to study amidst nature and focuses on health and tourism, making it another ideal place to study within the vicinity of your future professional environment. With these four locations, the Green Heart of Austria most certainly has a unique selling point for students.

    The Green Heart of Austria records top research rates every year. It is by far the number one research province in Austria with a historically high regional R&D rate of 5.15. So there is no doubt that we know how to innovate and Steiermark has excellent research projects which students can get involved in or even lead.

    Around 500 annual projects originate from Joanneum Research alone, for example. Graz University of Technology focuses on five fields of expertise and the University of Graz constantly has regular funding calls for researchers.

    With the "Science Space Steiermark" initiative, the 9 higher education institutions have joined forces to strengthen regional collaboration. So as a student researcher you can be sure that resources are used optimally and the visibility of science is increased!

    „There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education: no education.“
    John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the USA

    Living & learning


    The Green Heart of Austria offers plenty of ways for students to spend their free time. From sports to culture, food, nightlife and entertainment – everyday student life becomes a real experience here.

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