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Steiermark is not just known for its impressive natural setting and cultural diversity, but also for its outstanding educational landscape and commitment to research. With a special focus on future-oriented technologies, an important area is being driven forwards here.

Steiermark’s educational landscape sets itself apart with a wide range of educational levels and fields. The local education system offers a solid basis for a core education, from nurseries and kindergartens to primary, secondary, grammar and vocational schools. Students also have access to nine renowned colleges and universities that offer a variety of courses in different areas.

The Green Heart of Austriahas established itself as a leading location for innovative technologies. Pioneering research projects and developments are being driven in the fields of green technologies, renewable energies, mobility and information technology in particular. This is also reflected in numerous co-operations with national and international partners.

Due to ongoing investment in educational institutions, research infrastructure and co-operations as well as one of the highest research quotas in Europe, the province is an important centre for education, innovation and scientific progress.


  • The Green Heart of Austria is home to more than 1,200 educational institutions including kindergartens, primary, secondary and vocational schools, colleges and universities.
  • There are around 63,000 enrolled students. The province’s largest university, the University of Graz, has an especially high number of students and offers a wide range of courses.
  • There are over 30 research institutes dedicated to various subject areas such as technology, biosciences, the environment, energy and health.
  • The province invests considerable funds into research. Steiermark's research budget (only in german) was around 380 million euros in 2021.
  • And the Green Heart of Austria is a leader when it comes to patents and innovations. 436 patents were registered in 2020, making the province one of Austria’s important innovation centres.


Joanneum Research is one of the largest non-university research institutions in Austria and has its headquarters in Steiermark. The institution is dedicated to a wide range of research areas including health, the environment, information technology, materials science and many more.

The Green Heart of Austria strongly promotes economic development and supports innovative research and development projects through the Economic Development Agency (SFG). This is an organisation that actively promotes co-operation between companies, research institutions and universities in order to support the transfer of knowledge and implementation of research results within the economy.

Science Tower Graz is an architectural highlight and a centre for innovation and knowledge transfer. The impressive tower houses various research institutions, companies and start-ups whose physical proximity and collaboration creates an inspiring environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and development of innovative projects.



The University of Graz is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Central Europe. It offers a wide range of courses in humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and economics. The respected university stands out with its excellent research facilities, highly qualified lecturers and inspiring learning environment.

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The Green Heart of Austria has a flourishing scientific landscape with a large number of research institutions and innovation centres. In addition to the University of Graz there is the Joanneum Research, the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib), the Wood Competence Centre (Wood K plus) and many others.

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The Green Heart of Austria is also a pioneer in the field of green technologies and sustainability. The province has set itself the goal of promoting renewable energies and finding sustainable solutions for future-proof development. Numerous research projects and initiatives deal with topics such as solar energy, bioenergy, electromobility and resource-saving production, positioning the Green Heart of Austria as a model region for a sustainable future.

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Education and research form a unity. So it only makes sense to discover more about it in both respects!

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